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Teachable Moments

Aug 24,2016

It is not often easy to talk to your son or daughter about drug and alcohol use. You don’t want to lecture because you know it will, in most cases, fall upon deaf ears. But you know you need to … Read More

Helping Your Child Navigate through their Tween and Teen Years.

Aug 17,2016

Raising a child today can be exasperating, to say the least. As they grow into their tween and teen years, they go through a series of phases which we, as parents,must navigate through with them. It is important to know … Read More

A New Way to Use an Old Ad.

Aug 11,2016

How many of you remember the ad “This is your brain on drugs” ? Mostly everyone should remember it if you owned a television set. The ad was wildly successful. Well, let’s fast forward 30 years to today.  The Partnership … Read More

NCCC Student PSA

May 2014        Runtime: 01:02

See how the alcohol industry markets to our teens

This video was the product of a collaboration between the coalition, the Peer Leader group at the high school and Bobcat TV. The public service announcement was student driven and demonstrates how marijuana can ruin more than your health.