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Self Image and the Monster Social Media Has Created.

May 25,2016

Do you have a teenage daughter? If the answer is yes, did you ever see her take a selfie? Of course you have.  The new era of technology has armed our teens with the tools they need to get instant … Read More

Really, Doctors?

May 11,2016

Every day when you turn on the news or read the paper or a magazine you will inevitably find a story about pain pills or heroin. It has permeated our lives. I don’t think you could find anyone who didn’t … Read More

How toTalk to High Functioning Teens About Drugs and Alcohol

May 04,2016

Does your son or daughter excel in school?  Are they involved in a ton of extracurricular activities? Do they have loads of friends? Well if answered yes to these questions, you have a high functioning teen. Congratulations! But let’s not … Read More

NCCC Student PSA

May 2014        Runtime: 01:02

See how the alcohol industry markets to our teens

This video was the product of a collaboration between the coalition, the Peer Leader group at the high school and Bobcat TV. The public service announcement was student driven and demonstrates how marijuana can ruin more than your health.