The Developing Brain

Oct 12,2015

Over the last decade, medical research has told us that alcohol can have an adverse effect on  a teen’s brain. But how? This article by Talk2Prevent, an initiative sponsored by New York State Office of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Services … Read More

Synthetic Marijuana: What’s the Story?

Oct 11,2015

In recent weeks there have been many stories focusing on “Synthetic Marijuana”. What is it ? Where can you get it? What does it do to you? Why would you use it? These and many other questions are becoming the … Read More

Can Media Have an Adverse Effect on my Child’s Brain?

Oct 06,2015

We as parents are now acutely aware of how drugs and alcohol can affect our children’s brain development.  we know how it reduces memory and affects reasoning. But did you know that media can also have an adverse effect on … Read More

Digitally Preoccupied?

Sep 30,2015

Have you ever found yourself so preoccupied with your smartphone that you tune out the rest of the world or more importantly , your children. We live in a hustle and bustle world and our smartphone afford us the opportunity … Read More

Join us at the Coalition’s Kick-Off Meeting in October

Sep 24,2015

All community leaders and members are invited to meet on October 21 at 10am in Bobcat Hall at Byram Hills High School to kick-off a new year and map out our community’s strategy for healthier and safer youth.

Are Family Meals a Panacea ?

Sep 21,2015

We are closing in on Family Day, a day which touts the benefits of a family dinner.  I myself have found the benefit of having meals with my children. Sometimes not dinner because of our hectic schedules but a meal … Read More

Distracted Walking can be a Killer!

Sep 16,2015

We, as a society, have become ever vigilant about impressing upon our children that texting while driving is wrong and should not be done ever – no exceptions. We do so in light of the tragedies that have occuring in … Read More

Family Meals – A Must!!!!!

Sep 10,2015

On Monday September 28, 2015, families across the country will sit down together and share a meal to celebrate Family Day – an event started 15 years ago by CASA Columbia to strengthen families and curb underage drinking and substance … Read More

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