Feb 28,2015

Until March 31, 2015, the coalition and participating local restaurants are offering a $10 discount on all family meals over $45 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (excludes Take out orders). The reason – to promote eating meals together a a family. … Read More

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Why Teens Are Impulsive, Addiction-Prone And Should Protect Their Brains

Feb 06,2015

“Binge drinking can actually kill brain cells in the adolescent brain where it does not to the same extent in the adult brain. So for the same amount of alcohol, you can actually have brain damage — permanent brain damage … Read More

Super Bowl – A Teachable Moment

Jan 29,2015

This Sunday, millions of people will be tuning in to one of the most watched sporting events in the world – the Super Bowl.  Even the non sports fan will watch, more particularly for  the commercials that are aired during … Read More

Social Media from a Teen’s Perspective

Jan 23,2015

Most of the articles and posts parents read to educate themselves on their teenager’s social media haunts come from adults. Although the information, for the most part, is sound, it is coming from a different perspective and therefore can be … Read More

Brutally Honest: Is it OK to spy on your kids?

Jan 08,2015

Below is a great article on the debate surrounding a child’s use of technology. Read the pros and cons to help you  deal with this issue. (CNN) Whether you think spying on your kids is acceptable in today’s digital age or … Read More

Kids Who Sleep Near Their Smartphones Get Less Shuteye, Study Says

Jan 07,2015

Gave your kids smartphones for the holidays? You might want to reconsider their bedtime. Children who slept in the same room as small screens such as smartphones got almost 21 fewer minutes of shuteye a night than those who didn’t, … Read More

Report: Binge drinking kills 6 a day – and most are men

About six times every day, someone in the USA dies of alcohol poisoning after drinking too much in a single binge, a new report says. The report from the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says an estimated 2,221 … Read More

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