Eating Together as a Family Has Multiple Benefits

Mar 22,2014

Is the traditional family dinner a thing of the past? Is it overvalued as an institution that was once a cornerstone of the American home but has become obsolete with changing times? In today’s households where both parents go to … Read More

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The FDA’s Dilemma With The Opioid Pain Medication Zohydro ER

Mar 21,2014

The following article appeared in Forbes Magazine and discusses a new pain medication and the ongoing debate concerning its FDA approval. What has our society come to when we are more concerned about those who would abuse this drug then … Read More

Experts: Officials missed signs of prescription drug crackdown’s effect on heroin use

Mar 17,2014

From the beginning, the U.S. government’s decade-long crackdown on prescription drug abuse has run an unsettling risk: that arresting doctors and shuttering “pill mills” would inadvertently fuel a new epidemic of heroin use. State and federal officials have pressed their … Read More

Think Time: Teens & Social Networks

Mar 04,2014

Selfie Culture: How Do You Talk to Your Child about What They Post on Social Media?

The following article appeared in a blog on the Empowering Parents website, which you can find on our Resources page. It asks and answers two pretty important questions: Why does it seem like kids post absolutely everything they do online? And … Read More

WAX: a new way to get high from marijuana

Feb 28,2014

The following article looks at a new use of cannabis called wax and how  making it and sometimes smoking it can be the “bomb”!  It’s the latest cannabis craze — a concentrated form of marijuana known as “wax.” It looks … Read More

New Apps For Teens Are Ripe For Cyberbullying

Feb 18,2014

  The following article discusses the new apps for cellphones that can be fertile ground for cyberbullying. They are called Whisper and Secret. Give it a read There’s an old philosophical experiment called the Ring of Gyges which considers how … Read More

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