President Obama Must Give Clearer Guidance on Marijuana

Jan 22,2014

Today, Patrick J. Kennedy, Chairman of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, released a statement on President Obama’s interview about marijuana: We at Smart Approaches to Marijuana (Project SAM), joined by leaders of major medical associations, recognize that marijuana legalization goes against … Read More

President Obama Says Marijuana is “No More Dangerous Than Alcohol”

The following article appeared in the Journal News after President Obama’s interview in the New Yorker Magazine.  In the interview President Obama likens smoking marijuana to smoking cigarettes- characterizing it as a “bad habit”. Interestingly there is no mention of its … Read More

Set Family Goals for the New Year

Jan 13,2014

January rolls in like a breath of fresh air. The calendar is reset, and in many regards, it is a chance to begin anew and an opportunity to do things “better” moving forward. The New Year is also an ideal occasion … Read More

Marijuana as Medicine – What does the science say?

Jan 09,2014

With the recent announcement by Governor Cuomo that the State will, through executive order, dispense medical marijuana to people with certain diseases in 20 hospitals statewide, I think it time to find out exactly what is  ”medical” marijuana. The following … Read More

The Importance of Family Meals

Jan 02,2014

The following brief video highlights the importance of getting the family together to share a meal.

FOOD for THOUGHT – Conversation Starters

For the next couple of months, we will be putting up posts and activities centered around family mealtime. We call it  Food for Thought and hope that it will help you in maintaining a positive bond between you and your … Read More

Media Resolutions Every Family Should Make in 2014

Jan 01,2014

Start the new year out right with healthy resolutions for managing your family’s media. When it comes to kids and media, there are two things you can always count on: Kids are always going to want more screen time; and just … Read More

A New Year’s Resolution

Dec 31,2013

The following article appeared in the NY Times last year and still rings true today. Although, we as parents want our teens and college kids not to drink and should always stress this to our kids, sometimes they do, especially … Read More

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