Why Playing with Your Food is a Good Thing!

Feb 02,2016

How many times did your mother say to you “Don’t play with your food” ? Well, what we thought was a bad thing can indeed be a good thing when we are trying to get our children to eat different … Read More

Be on the lookout for this sticker Super Bowl Weekend!

Jan 28,2016

For the fourth year in a row,  Byram Hills students will participate in an annual campaign to raise awareness about underage drinking in Westchester County. Youth-to-Youth club members, Student Wellness Advisory Commitee and Peer Leaders working in partnership with North … Read More

Understanding Why Teens Do The Things They Do

Jan 26,2016

Twenty years ago, we all thought that a teenagers brain was fully developed and that experience and life lessons would help them become more mature. Well, we were wrong. The brain research now paints an entirely different picture. The following … Read More


Jan 22,2016

Do you engage a teen or young adult the same way you do an adult or do you do you use a different approach? In most cases, the approaches are different as they take in consideration the maturation level as … Read More

Teachable Moment

Jan 19,2016

Did you watch any of the NFL playoff games this weekend? How about the Patriots – Chiefs game? Did you watch it with your kids? Did you see the play by Patriot’s Defensive End Chandler Jones that caused a fumble … Read More

It’s Time to Take a Step Back

Jan 16,2016

When we were growing up, our parents would at times offer some advice but mostly they let us be – to experience life, the good and the bad. If we failed at something, they would offer words of comfort and … Read More

Let’s Not Forget Alcohol!

Jan 13,2016

With marijuana use consuming the headlines and conversations surrounding substance abuse by teens these days, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that alcohol is still the first substance the majority of adolescents try for the first time.Click here to see … Read More

A New Twist on Resolutions – Ones for the Dinner Table

Jan 09,2016

We here at North Castle Cares really believe that family meals can make a difference in your relationship with your children.  It is that time in the day where everything comes to a halt  for a bit and you are … Read More

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