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Most of the time, and rightly so, our efforts are focused on young people, as we try to find ways to prevent them from becoming involved with drugs and alcohol. But we can’t ignore the older generations like the Baby … Read More

Quick question? Do you ever check the apps on your teen’s phone or do you feel that is an invasion of their privacy? Well, since you probably purchased the phone and pay the monthly service charges, I think you are … Read More

The stock answer you will receive when talking to young people about smoking marijuana and getting behind the wheel of a car is  “It’s safe cause I drive slow”. Well you should know that is not the case and in … Read More

Heroin and/or opiate addiction are not easy topics to bring up for discussion. The stigma attached to these problems remain although there has been progress made in viewing these  these addictions in the context of a disease. New York State … Read More

All too often, we place our focus and emphasis on the issues of tweens and teens. And rightly so as that is when most young people begin to experiment with drugs and alcohol. But what we also know from the … Read More

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Check out this new app for parents. This online simulation tool is the newest component of SAMHSA’s “Talk. They Hear You.” Underage Drinking Prevention National Media Campaign aimed to reduce underage drinking among youth ages 9 to 15. This online … Read More

That is the question most kids dread when they first encounter their parents after a long day at school. Most of the time it happens at the dinner table when everyone is finally together.  Your son or daughter doesn’t know … Read More

You can’t pick up a newspaper or turn on the local news to hear a story about the legalization of marijuana and how it really isn’t that bad for you. Well ,the old adage, don’t believe everything you read, rings … Read More

This year’s Super Bowl commercials were rather tame compared to past years, save for the bizarre puppy-monkey-baby  ad for an energy drink packed with caffeine. But one commercial I found interesting from a preventionist’s  point of view was the Michelob … Read More

How many times did your mother say to you “Don’t play with your food” ? Well, what we thought was a bad thing can indeed be a good thing when we are trying to get our children to eat different … Read More

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